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Applicant Information
Personal Commitment Statement

Please describe in 500-1,000 words the following:

  • What has inspired you to want to earn a college degree?

  • Heritage students are known for working hard in order to achieve their dreams - tell us about a time in your life where you worked hard for something important and how that shaped who you are now. 

  • EAGLES Scholars are expected to conduct environmental science related summer research internships. Please describe your interest in the environment. What issues are you most passionate about?

Please highlight any scientific background, extracurricular accomplishments and community service in your personal statement. 

Please upload documents as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. The system is unable to open a google doc.
To-Do Checklist
Scoring Method

Candidates will be evaluated based on a combination of demonstrated commitment to STEM studies, an interest in environmental research, and merit (GPA). Priority will be given to incoming freshman and transfer students. Semifinalists may be asked to attend an interview. 
Scholarship recipient requirements
EAGLES Scholarship recipients will participate in regular activities (STEM lectures and discussions, visits to STEM employers and graduate schools, service-learning opportunities).  
Priority Deadline: November 30, 2020
                                    Final Deadline: May 3, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact:
Office of Admissions (509)-865-8508, admissions@heritage.edu

Dr. Alex Alexiades, Eagles Project Principal Investigator 
(509)-865-0732, Alexiades_A@heritage.edu

Julie Conley, Eagles Project Coordinator 
(509)-654-0297, Conley_J@heritage.edu 

*This scholarship may not be combined with any other Heritage University full-tuition scholarships.